IIG Learning Model

Moving the world to a new order through Visionary Leadership and Enlightened Governance

Chief Designer

    Global Responsibility

  • When going global, we will have a greater deliberations and interaction with UN - as UN in its many internal & published documents talk about the dearth of VISIONARY LEADERSHIP in state and countries as a stumbling block in the implementation of its great plans for Human progress.

  • The IIG World Council will have some of the UN leaders as its members and advisors.

  • IIG will aim to change the way the world operates soon.

IIG Role Play - as an Institution, a Research & Development body, Continuous development of Pedagogy, Parallel Governance to State & Nation

  • IIG will be the knowledge hub for Leadership & Governance run by an academic council of best of men and women in the country - there will be a state level and a National level committee and a National governing body in the execution of the same.

  • IIG with its global R&D and curriculum will be focussing and working continuously in shaping the Methodologies, experiential learning, interaction with the thought and action leaders, resource books, reference materials, visits, etc. guiding and detailing the pedagogy with a set of inputs and professors working under them. They will also service IIG as resource persons and visiting professors or even as a full time faculty.

  • IIG, thus will not be spending its energy in raising huge Structures, but collaborate with existing Institutes and deemed Universities of eminence to deliver the carefully designed courses. IIG will have State level headquarters and a National level headquarter which will also double up as the Nodal Resource centres and centres of parallel governance and guiding the States and Nations on key issues and developments.


  • At some point sooner or later, we will be inviting the good champions of the nation to work with us.

  • We have a plethora of them today - my own idols, Sri Ratan Tata, Sri Narayana Murthi (Infosys), Sri Azim Premji (Wipro) and the young Mahendra's and Munjal's (Hero group) to site a few.

  • We are sure help and support will come even from the Government at some point of time.