Outcome of Authors' Thought process


To Train & Develop Visionary Leaders for India and the world.

  • Who will deliver high Governance Standards in States, Countries, World Bodies or Organisations whom they choose to be part of

  • And meet all the aspirational expectations of Stake Holders in strata in terms of Economy, Ecology, Equity and overall progress.


  • All the time spreading the awareness for the need of such a Leadership and Organisation among the youth and general public.

  • And initiate Leadership traits and values among young children and youth and give direct entry to a percentage of promising youth.


  • To tie-up with Institutions / Universities of high standards & repute to deliver the various courses on Governance & Leadership

  • So that in the next 10-15 years of time a huge pool of visionary leadership is created to serve the nation in different verticals like

    • Political Governance in States & Country
    • Organisational Leadership in Institutions, Corporates, NGOs, etc.,
    • General Bodies like UNO, WB, WHO, etc.
    • As a mid term knowledge and skill enhancement center for IAS, IPS, IFS Officers
    • In training the promising leaders of corporate to take up the top position as CEOs, COOs, etc. by honing their wisdom and decision making capabilities.
    • To get aspirants from other countries and train them for leadership pertaining to their countries.


  • Good, Effective Governance

  • Zero discrimination

  • Focus on Social Progress Index, Human Index and Happiness Index along with GDP

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  • To create a pathway to political leadership in the country to all those who aspire to serve the Nation and make out a career that way.

  • To remedy the situations in the country arising out of the acute lack of visionary leadership over the last 40 years or so which has resulted in the slow progress of the nation and its people.

  • To squarely meet the emerging opportunities that are going to spring up in the nation as there is a visible & felt change in Governance


  • Cater to India first over the next 10 years

  • And then to start initiative in SAARC Countries and World over.

  • To establish a global R&D and Resource Center for Governance & Leadership.

  • To be an Advisor and Guide to the State and National governance on various matters of importance and to act as the "Rajaguru" in ensuring proper leverage of the available potentials.